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Slate roofing is tried and tested.  Even the Romans recognised that this easy-to-split stone is very well suited for roof and façade coverings.

Natural, durable and with a unique character – these are just a few of the characteristics of slate.

It is not without reason that slate roofing is one of the supreme skills in the roofing trade.

When working on the construction site, we still manage with the same tools today as we did hundreds of years ago.

Fortunately, transporting materials is a little easier these days.

we offer slate roofing of all kinds

old german slate roofing

Slate ornaments

We design your individual slate ornament, from the sketch to the PC layout, all from one source.

Would you like to integrate your company logo, football crest, favourite animal or similar into your slate facade?

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sassy owl -old german slate roofing